Production Plan & Research

I created a shared excel document for the team of a thorough production plan that clearly outlines our goals each week and when we hope to publish our initial comic panel (April 16th).   This will be a working document as there will be more tasks added as problems and or other ideas arise.

Access plan here

I also conducted code experiments at trying to implement obj-c code for our mobile AR application.  I tried using this tutorial that uses an AR tool kit with an obj-c wrapper to run on iPhone.  However I was unsuccessful and without being familiar with obj-c, it was difficult to problem solve.  I also found a list of other AR tool kits here that we could use if the current one associated with openFrameworks does not meet our needs.  

Building upon Daniela’s crowdfunding research, I read articles and blogs on marketing strategies for apps trying to crowdfund and beyond.’s blog on their experience with AppStori I think serves to be a good example for our promotion strategy.


Rama 9

The Duel

A 4 minute movie produced for the San Francisco 24 Hour Film Race in 2008. Produced and written by Nene Kahlu. Actors: Eric Wong, Ashley Muller, and Nene Kahlu We decided to base the film around capoeira, Nene Kahlu  conceptualized the story.  I helped with the set design and the  choreography of the capoeira segment of the film.

Petchaburi, Thailand


Hope 3

Itacare, Brazil